Saturday, October 2, 2010

The final segment...Husband and Wife

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     In the days that followed I learned what it meant to be a wife. Trevor couldn't walk, he couldn't sit up, he couldn't go to the bathroom alone. I was his constant aid, waiting on him, and I loved every second of it. I learned he needed a relentless encourager. When he sat up for the first time by himself in a chair, I cried.      When he brushed his teeth for the first time I rejoiced with him. When he took his first steps away from the bed, I thought I was going to have a heart attack but I told him how proud I was and how amazing he was doing.
     At 42 weeks pregnant I slept in a chair beside his bed for a week. I read scripture to him out loud whenever he needed, and I was silent and didn't speak when he needed that too. It was hard not to hug him for an entire week when he was right there in front of you. All I wanted him to do was sweep me up his arms like he used to and swirl me around. But those days were gone for a while.
     I decided that I was going to have this baby by C-section so that he could be there. We didn't want to risk me going into labor on my own, because that would cause too much stress on Trevor and not be good for his blood pressure. So 6 days after Trevor had brain surgery, he sat with me in the room as our son was born and he was the first one to hold him.

     The surgery had many affects on him. One was his eyesight. Everything below the middle point of his vision was double. This made walking very difficult, as you can imagine. He also had nausea. They had to remove part of his balance, coordination and nausea center to get to the tumor, so they told him he could very well have nausea problems the rest of his life. I remember how different Trevor was after surgery. He got frustrated really easily and got mad at little things. No matter how hard I tried sometimes I just couldn't get him to smile. I was scared. The "normal" Trevor always, always had a smile ready. It was going to take some time getting used to this new Trevor.
     Trevor was amazing through it all. Re-learning everything and nausea and his first son being born, he fought hard to do things right and learn them quickly. He recovered at an amazing rate and had the doctors and nurses completely stunned at his progress. He was in Martial Arts before this and the parts of the brain they cut out were healing fast because he had trained them so well. God takes care of His own in amazing ways...
Brushing his teeth by himself for the first time

My bed for a week and a half at 42 weeks pregnant

The night before we had Jeremiah

The day we were sent home together

     I won't go into detail about the days after we were sent home. They are some of my darkest and I will save them for another time...maybe I will write about them in my other blog, "Let it grow..."

     2 weeks after surgery we found out that they type of tumor Trevor had was Pylocytic Astrocytoma. Basically, there are 4 levels of brain tumors, and his was the very 1st level, which is the best to have, if you have one. It's slow growing, non-cancerous. We rejoiced greatly. That meant no radiation, no chemo-therapy!! The doctor also said he was completely positive he got all of the tumor, and that Trevor was 100% CURED. He actually said this 2 weeks after surgery.
     Trevor's nausea has completely vanished. His balance and coordination are not what they were before surgery, but they are at the level of a normal 20 year old male now. We've had a few scares over the past year, but today, Trevor is completely healed. We've had 2 MRI's since surgery and both have been clear of any signs of tumors growing back. They are most likely to grow back the first 2 years, so we're not completely out of the woods, but the possibility gets smaller and smaller as each day goes by.
     It's incredible, writing all this out and thinking back on it. I'm reminded of God's incredible grace and mercy, and His awesome power to save. I can honestly say though, that the night before surgery, I came to a point of total spiritual exhaustion, total numbness and grief. I was so afraid. But finally, after hours of weeping and laying at the feet of Jesus, I did come to the point of giving it to God and being okay with whatever happened the next day. He was still going to be God. And that's how I feel now. If the tumor comes back, God is still the same God He was when things were going well. It won't be easy, but I know God will be there, my Rock and my Fortress.

The day the sutchers were taken out

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To start from the beginning of our love story...go here


  1. What an amazing and inspiring story. I just couldn't imagine going through this, much less 42 weeks pregnant. Isn't it amazing how God provides? You definitely "love like that." Thanks for visiting me at Finding Heaven and (in)courage.

  2. Thought of you and prayed for you today. Noticed you are off of Twitter. You are loved sweet one.

  3. I'm speechless. What an amazing journey you and your family has been on. Wishing you both the best... and a continued recovery.

  4. This is an absolutely amazing story Marybeth.... I had no idea what you two have went through and you two are such an inspiration! Just jumped on your blog to pass a little time but never thought I would leave it feeling like this(im overly emotional anyways being pregnant ) I'm just floored. And I'm so happy things are better for you both now! I knew a little of your struggles growing up and you deserve this wonderful life I'm just sooooo happy for you two! Thanks for sharing <3

  5. wow. I'm just catching up on your story, but so far: amazing! you two have a very special bond.

  6. Wow... you guys have such an inspirational story... so sweet and full of love! Thanks for being such an uplifting couple! xox

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my site today, Marybeth! If you hadn't, I might never had found yours. I am astounded! And I sit here with tears running down my cheeks after spending every free minute this afternoon reading your and Trevor's story in full. What an amazing story of love, faith, and grace! You and your husband are both amazing examples of Christ's love and, seriously, I am honored to have had the pleasure of 'running into you' on-line. I am simply amazed! So young and full of such faith and Godly wisdom. God bless you, dear one! Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving. I am, indeed, blessed to have met you! <3

  8. You guys have been through a lot, but what an awesome testimony! Bless you and your family.

  9. wow...this is so incredibly inspiring. I wish I hadn't read this at work..I'm boo-hooing at my desk. But what perfect timing..right before's a great reminded of our wonderful Lord & all the things we have to be thankful for. What an amazing story. You are a strong woman for sharing all of this.

  10. I'm praising God for his blessings on your life: for the benign tumor and for the love and support you have been to him. God has something special in store for your family--I know it.

  11. I just read the whole story. WOW! The fact that you were so very pregnant when it all happened-- that alone must've been so so hard. Having to be completely selfless and focused on your husband when you yourself needed extra tlc-- man, you are an amazing woman and wife! I'm sure God was and is very pleased with you for your selflessness.
    This is an incredible testimony! So glad I read it!!
    And so glad your husband is still by your side!
    What a blessing!


  12. Wow. Thanks so much for writing your story out for us to read. I don't even know what to say except that I couldn't stop reading--I kept clicking on 'here'.