Thursday, September 23, 2010

Young Love

          It was the Fall of 2005. The first day of school, the buzz of excited students returning, the shining, smiling faces. As I sat in Art Class, I was filled with joy. I had just gotten back from Northern Ireland, where God had refined and shaped my heart in ways I still can't quite comprehend. I had also ended a serious relationship that summer, I was on fire for God and ready to begin this last year of my high school career serving Him and declaring His Word.
          As I sat in the chair, I observed the room around me. I was one of 3 seniors taking this beginners art class. I loved art though, and didn't care. I noticed some familiar faces, friends from last year. Then I saw him.
          He was skinny, had spiky hair, and was flirting relentlessly with the beautiful blond sitting next to him. I almost moved on, uninterested and rolling my eyes. But then I saw the bracelet he was wearing. "WWJD?" it proudly proclaimed. Hmmm...there weren't many Christians in my school, and I was suddenly interested in him as a friend. I had no idea his name, his grade, really anything about him.
           It took me a few weeks to get up the courage to invite him to Youth Group. I caught up with him in the hall after class one day and told him about this meeting we were having that should be lots of fun. He said he'd have to get a ride, and ask his mom. I found out he was a Sophomore and still 15.
The next few months were a whirlwind. After that first church meeting we started talking on the phone. What were short conversations about needing a ride to Church became 5 hour long talks about anything and everything under the sun. I remember taking him home one night and just wishing he would hold my hand. I remember not caring about his age because his maturity level far surpassed 90% of those in my senior class.
            On December 15th, 2005, Trevor told me he loved me in the parking lot of Runza Restaurants. We weren't dating yet, but we were 'in love.' I had brought along my folders containing all the items I had collected for my future husband. He told me he loved me, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I took 2 hours fighting with myself about it, but in the end, I confessed my love for him and my fear about relationships, and handed over that folder, completely sure we were going to one day get married.
     Our love was strong and we dreamed about our children, picked out names for them, and were always together. We were best friends and soul-mates. We had finally found each other after so much pain and grief from past relationships!

To be

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